Step 1


Upload your files for a quote

Step 1


Upload your files for a quote

File Preparation



Step 2


Drop your material

Step 3


Collect your design or request a delivery

Upload your CAD files. We accept most CAD files including, DWG, DXF, AI, PDF and 3DM.


In case you do not know how to prepare the files we can help you prepare it and even if needed help you design and make your project.

The files should be in mm. Alternatively, you can also  let us know the units and dimensions of the file and scale at which you would like to laser cut.


The size of our laser cutter bed is 900mm x 600mm. Please arrange your drawings in a rectangle of this size or less.


Please also define your drawing by layer and color.  For example:


Cutting      : Red

Scoring     : Blue

Engraving: Yellow


Paper, Cardboard, Acrylic (maximum 8mm), MDF (maximum thickness 4mm), Plywood (maximum thickness 4mm), Leather, Fabric and more.


We can not laser cut metals and PVC.


You are welcome to use your own materials or  we can provide you the material at your request. This will increase the production time.

Per Job (Standard Rate)

We charge £0.50 per minute. Minimum job of £20.


Buy Hours (Best Value)

If you have a big project or you are planning to frequently laser cut with us, it is much more cost effective to buy hours.


Students get a 20% discount.

Once the upload is complete, we will assess the file and come back to you with the cost and production time, upon which the production can be booked.


The  laser cutting will commence once your materials have arrived and your payment has been processed.

Our turn around time is between 1 to 5 days, depending on the job at hand. If the job is urgent, an express service is available.


Valid for 6 Months

Valid for 6 Months

Valid for 6 Months

Valid for

1 Year

2 Hours





5 Hours

10 Hours

20 Hours




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